Domains from the Cooperative Domains Portfolio

  • A For-Social-Profit Network

    We are a network that is delivering for-social-profit programs and initiatives in communities around the World.

  • Open to Creative Proposals

    We are looking to develop our domain portfolio, and are open to strategic partnerships, leases, and other creative options.

  • High Quality Premium Domains

    Our portfolio consists of domains in areas that we are exploring, researching and promoting. Future trends and appropriate technologies are our core focus..

  • A Personal Approach to Business

    We are people who are committed to providing a different experience in business. We are highly integral, and we want to create mutually beneficial outcomes in all our work.

  • Professional and Trustworthy Process

    Once we have worked out the perfect arrangments, we use the web's most trusted services to escrow the domain through to you.

  • You Know You've Helped a Great Cause

    Whether it's the planting of community food forests, or creating new opportunities for community youth, our network is focussed on creating goodness, not profit.

A word from the Seller

Thank you for considering a domain from our network. We've never looked at holding a domain portfolio as a way to make money; it was always about holding space for value.

Our areas of interest, coincide with the areas of technology and lifestyle that we believe will make the World a better place. Some of our domains are more commercial in nature, but all roads point back to our core mission. We are interested in developing real world value that can help communities evolve in the right direction.

If you are interested in future trends, and you want to see some of the other domains we are looking to develop, and strategically partner on, come over to and have a look.

If something piques your interest, we would love to hear from you. We are always interested in any ideas, or proposals you may have.

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